Some Great Online Pc Games For Teens

The Best RPG games have a storyline of someone battling up evil and defeating it in the long run. The story is complex but fun and so you have to make the best of it or else you will be on the losing end. There are also games which will see you go after a course and spend so many hours or even days playing. They need commitment and well thought out plans so you can be able to defeat the evil. Either way, you can never deny the fun and thrill you get from RPGs. This article will describe some of the best RPGs online.

Chrono Cross

It has risen over time to become one of the top online RPG games. There is so much to Chrono Cross than meets the eye. The developer is Square and is a certified masterpiece. You can play this RPG game online or on your PC. Since it raised the bar high gamers should expect a sequel of the Chrono Cross real soon. This game has a set of characters who are led by Serge. His pursuit is to discover the existence of a whole new world which is parallel to that of humans. It is a tactical game which needs gaming skills since you get to encounter different people.

Vagrant Story

It is one of the original top online RPG games which extend the thresholds on what an RPG can really be. The Vagrant Story is also available on PlayStation and is a solo outing. You will not need to control a team when taking put bad guys. As you progress you go from one room to the next and dispatch the enemies then you have to solve a puzzle to proceed. Some of the features which stand out in this game is that you get the chance to make your own weaponry and the encounters will keep you going. If you like those unique games which are very different from any that has ever existed then you should go for Vagrant Story.

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