Chimney extractor fan for wood burning stoves

There is nothing like sitting near a fireplace and lose yourself in the flames in a cold winter night. Fireplaces or stoves are used nowadays in homes to keep the houses warm. Wood is used to burn in the stoves which provides a natural feel in the fire.

What is a chimney fan/ flue fan?

Fireplaces or wood-burning stoves, although they provide a warm and cozy feeling, they also have a closed structure and they sometimes have draught problems. They have glass doors and when your chimney is experiences draught problems it simply is not so efficient then smoke starts to be produced and accumulate on the glass doors of the stove or go into the environment with pollutants and pollute the environment.

A chimney fan is a device that can remove all the above problems seen with poor chimney draught and gives your fireplace or stove a constant running time. A chimney fan is also called as a flue fan because the smoke or gases that come out of a pipe or chimney is also known as flue.

As these chimney extractor fan can extract all the smoke and pollutants from the gases that are produced from a stove and stop them from going into the indoor environment and do any harm to it, that’s why they can also be called as extractor fans for stoves.

When does one need a chimney fan?

When you are facing the following problems, you are in dire need of a chimney fan or a flue fan.

  • A constant draught is not built when the wood is burning in the fireplace.
  • Due to the problems in draft, smoke or smells or odors can accumulate in the house that can led to particles entering the living room
  • Wood burning in the stove, not burns for a constant amount of time and keeps going out.
  • Chimney does not cope with the changing weather conditions or it keeps producing problems.
  • The fireplace is too big for the flue or it is too small for the flue.

All of the problems indicate that you need a chimney fan or a flue fan that is free from all the above problems and provides you a safe, secure, and warm environment in the house.

What are the features of a chimney fan?

Located on top of the chimney, a chimney fan is an electric fan that comes with a regulator which is installed inside the house. With this regulator, you can maintain the speed of the fan and temperature also.

How does chimney fan work?

A chimney fan works by producing a reverse pressure. When you turn on the chimney fan by the help of regulator fitted inside your house, it produces a constant draught in the chimney and then fire burns without any interruption.

Advantages of a chimney fan

A chimney fan or a flue fan comes with the following advantages.

  • It can bear high temperature.
  • It removes all the smoke and pollutants and keeps a healthy environment.
  • It is durable and does not fall down in the windy or stormy environment.

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